Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lacing Cornrows


A very unique way of 'dressing up' cornrows. A unique accessory. It may look difficult but really it isn't. It's just like lacing a sneaker. Just make sure not to pull on the ribbon when lacing because you will end up messing up the cornrow. I used an off white satin ribbon which you can find at any crafts store. I bought so much ribbon and had to do 'something' with it. Use whatever color ribbon you like to match the shirt/dress you want to dress your daughter in. I used two big needles that didn't have a pointy tip, but just a round tip, bigger than a pen tip. See the picture below. Hope you all like this one as much as I do. Her daddy loved it. :)

How to achieve this look:

  • I started with washed, and moisturized hair.
  • Part the hair from ear to ear and section off the back hair which you will work with later.
  • Next, part the top hair in the middle and work with only one side.
  • Part the hair in a 'V' starting from the main middle part. I did 3 cornrows in each side, so 6 in total. After I finished cornrowing, her hair was still a little damp, so I finished the back before I laced the cornrows.
  • In the back, I did 2 strand twists using clear rubber bands from Claire's. All rubber bands are not equal and I find these are more 'slippery', which is good. You can do either box braids in the back or twists.
  • By the time I finished the back, the top part was almost fully dry. Which is what you want because if you start lacing on wet hair the ribbon will get wet and loses it's shine with all the product in it.
  • Refer to the pictures below on how I laced the cornrows, remember, it's just like lacing a sneaker. If the ribbon gets twisted, gently turn it with your fingers to make it look flat, before you proceed lacing. This will give it more of a smooth look.
I hope this was clear enough! If you have any questions or suggestions please email me.


  1. i just had to comment this time.. Jannah is really beautiful.

    i'm sure you know that already, lol, but i just had to say it. her little face is so precious! i'm so glad you opted out on relaxing her hair and going natural, she looks TOO PRECIOUS!

  2. Sehr süße Frisur und eine tolle Idee!

  3. @Shay - Thank you so much :)

    @Romy - Vielen dank! Ich hoffe dass ich diese woche zeit habe die interview fragen aus zufuellen. :)


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