Thursday, September 2, 2010

Slanted Cornrows with Box Braids


This is our first style post. :)

How to get this look:
  1. I co-washed Jannah's hair with HEHH (Herbal Essences Helly Hydration Conditioner).  For now I'm not using any shampoo. After I co-wash her scalp gently with my finger tips, I rinse it out and immediately apply HEHH. I use alot and make sure every part of her hair is coated with it. This conditioner has been a life saver for me and her.
  2. For now I'm using an old t-shirt to dab her hair with, instead of a towel. It soaks up the water nice but not too much and doesn't leave it dripping.
  3. Next I apply Roland's Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado oil (which makes her hair unbelievably soft and shiny), band her hair in 4 - 6 sections and put her sleeping cap on.
  4. In the morning her hair is usually a tiny bit damp still but that is fine. I'm not using any of the fancy hair butters and such as of yet, so I make my own styling concoction using HEHH conditioner, avocado oil, and purified water. These are pre-mixed and all I have to do is shake it up before spritzing. Works well for her hair for now, until I find something better.
  5. Back to how to get this look: Part the hair from ear to ear and tie the back off.
  6. Now you will be working on the top part. Instead of parting straight across, part the hair slanted. Now part about 1 centimeter (about 1/2 an inch) right next to the first and start cornrowing. Keep parting the hair to prepare for the cornrow and finish cornrowing the right and left sides.
  7. The rest of the hair in the back is box braided. I usually make the boxes 1 inch by 1 inch.
  8. This Should take about 45 min.

This is the same style pulled up in a pony tail. Flower is from Claire's.

 Here she is twirling around to show off her dress. :)


  1. She's adorable! I love the pic of her twirling her dress, too :D

    Welcome to the world of hair blogging! <3

  2. Hey Dreamer, Thank you so much! I think you are my first commenter. Do you have a hairblog too?

  3. Where do you get that avocado oil from? I love the the pictures, she is so beautiful : )

  4. @Global Track, you can get it from amazon they carry it. Let me know how you like it if you decide to get it.

  5. Hey Salaams sis. She is Beautiful Masha Allah! She is getting big too fast!!Looks like you and my brother. I am tryin to grow my hair out natural so I am taking tips also. I also have two boys with curly hair I would love to manager better. maybe you can post what you do for your boys as well :))))since I have no girls LOL!!!


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